NEW XANAX CRISIS: Max Kohl gives his advice to young teens and adults suffering from addiction

Young people across the UK have been experiencing “heavy seizures”, according to Addaction this has been a result of recreational use of a pharmaceutical drug, “Xanax”.
Although the “bar” (a pill compartmentalised into four doses) is meant to be broken off and eaten one piece at a time, young people from all over the UK are swallowing up to eight of these a day.
Alpralozam, the company of which invented the drug has been a major success in the USA; and it’s unclear whether they have anything to say on the subject due to an in flux of “fake” imports, pills that pass off to be theirs but are really doses of Fentanyl.
Here is what Max Kohl had to say, a 23 year old musician from Brighton who broke out of his addiction two years ago.

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